SPIRIT WEEK – October 24-28

We are having SPIRIT WEEK on October 24-28.  Students are encouraged to participate and show their school spirit.  ALL CLOTHING MUST BE SCHOOL APPROPRIATE and follow dress code guidelines.  Athletic shoes for PE on Monday and Friday are still required.



Fashion Disaster Monday – Wear your clothes mixed up or out of fashion.  Dress like you’re on “What Not to Wear”.


Formal Fun Day Tuesday – Wear your best.  Dress to dressyimpress.  Let’s see how nice you shine up!


Camouflage Wednesday – Wear camouflage from head to toe.  Hunting clothes are welcome, but no weapons please!


Nerd Day Thursday – They say that imitation is a form of flattery.  We love nerds and geeks!

patrioticPatriotic Friday – Even though we have a controversial presidential election coming up, show your American spirit by wearing red, white, and blue.