Administrator  –  Kevin Self

Administrator – Kathy Sturgess

Assistant to the Administrator – Heath Stengler

Consultant –  Jalon Lies

Secretary – Leslie Frazier

Pre-Kindergarten3 Teacher – Roketia Sanders

Pre-Kindergarten4 Teacher  –  Amee Stengler

Kindergarten Teacher  –  Ashli Jenkins

First Grade Teacher/Music  –  Gennice Gipson

Second Grade Teacher  –  Shannon Leggett

Third Grade Teacher  –  Pam Helms

Fourth Grade Teacher –  Libby Norton

5th Grade Teacher  –  Tara Young

Jr/Sr High Teacher –  Kay Hendrix

Jr/Sr High  Teacher  –  Carla Marsh

Jr/Sr High Teacher –  Tonya Blunt

Teacher Aide/Art Teacher  –  Rita Kelly

Music – Brenda Hale

Physical Education  –  George Hale

Library  –  Becki Koch



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