“For where your treasure is, there also is your heart.”  Matthew 6:21


We are having another fabulous year at The Christian Academy!  Our students are busy learning about math, science, music and art – all the things that will equip them to make a good living when they graduate.  They are also learning about God and what it means to lead a good Christian life.  Is there anything more important than providing our young people with these invaluable tools?  They truly are our most important investment and the future of our community.

The Christian Academy provides a high-quality education that includes both life skills and a personal foundation for growth.  As a non-denominational Christian school, we educate the mind, body and soul of our students.  We teach morals and values in the classroom and have exceedingly low student-to-teacher ratios.  Our state certified teachers use Christian curriculam that is second to none and their commitment to each student is unwavering.

If you believe in the power of faith-based education and God has blessed you financially, we invite you to partner with us at The Christian Academy.  To learn more about ways you can support our mission, please contact The Christian Academy at 573-481-0216.