Grades PreK3 (3 years old by August 1) through 12th Grade.

Enrollment Fees

New Students:  Non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $100 per student.

Documents Needed for Enrollment: Current Enrollment Form, Records Release Form – We must have this signed in order to get your child’s records from a previous school, Birth Certificate Copy, Social Security Card Copy, Current Official Shot Record Copy.

Enrollment Information

Vision, Philosophy, etc..

Tuition Fees 2021-2022

Dress Code 2021-2022

Enrollment Form 2021-2022

Health-Meds Form 2021-2022

Parent- Statement of Faith 2021-2022

Financial & Fundraising 2021-2022

Parent- Grievance Procedures 2021-2022

Student Accept Use Policy 2021-2022

Student Honor Code 2021-2022

Student Lifestyle-Handbook 2021-2022

Student Social Media 2021-2022

Student Statement of Faith 2021-2022

The forms above must be filled out and returned prior to attending school at The Christian Academy.